5 Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Finish On Glass

We've all been there on a hot day; You get to the end of a long detail and you've just got to finish off with cleaning the glass. The sun is beating down, it's hot inside the car, sweat dropping down your brow and you're leaning over the dashboard stretching your back further than you thought it could go to try and get the finish on your glass perfect... 

We've been there, we've done it and here's our top tips to make this final step a little easier:



Use two clean (or even better, brand new!) microfibre towels,..

Ideally a glass cloth to apply and spread the glass cleaner and then a plush microfibre towel (similar to our Purple Plushy towel) to buff off the residue and streaks.



Use a good glass cleaner that doesn't evaporate straight away. Glass cleaners are often developed to evaporate to avoid streaking and smears on windows but throughout the hotter months they almost leave no working time. With our Crystal Glass Cleaner we have developed it to allow a decent working time meaning you can clean the glass and focus on any areas that need extra attention without it evaporating straight away.




Make sure you pre-wash and contact wash the exterior glass thoroughly in the wash stages. We know we bang on about how important pre-wash is but maybe we focus too much on ensuring that we're getting our lower panels clean that we forget to thoroughly pre-wash the glass. If you can nail pre-washing and contacting the exterior glass in the wash stage it will make it so much easier when you get to spraying the glass cleaner on it! 



When cleaning and drying your car’s windows, you’ll almost certainly come across an annoying streak on either the outside or the inside of the glass. To make the process easier, get in the habit of drying the exterior glass in one direction and the interior in another (horizontal and vertical for instance).

By making the effort to dry the glass this way, you’ll know whether the streak is on the outside or inside of the car by the direction it’s facing so you can deal with the problem quickly without causing any more streaks and blemishes.



Now this ones, for the detailers amongst us; make sure you clean the very top of the windows...

One simple tip that can help you avoid unwanted smears is to wind down the windows to clean the topmost portion of the glass. Excess product can build up in the window seals, and could result in streaking, dripping and other marks. By winding the windows down an inch or two, you can make sure every inch of the car receives a professional clean, so that all dirt, debris and excess product is removed.


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