Exquisite - Gloss Tyre Dressing


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Please do not sin by not dressing your tyres after cleaning your car, exquisite will help keep you on the right side of the lord! 

Our unique formula will help you to easily leave your tyres with a lovely gloss finish that anyone looking will appreciate.

Exquisite is a cost-effective tyre dressing that is easy to apply, leaves a gloss finish and keeps the tyre wall protected.

Exquisite is no-one trick pony however, it can also be used on plastic trims to restore and leave a gloss black finish.



  1. Firstly, ensure you have cleaned and dried your tyres.
  2. Either spray exquisite directly to the tyre or to a foam applicator pad.
  3. Use the applicator pad to spread exquisite evenly around the tyre.
  4. And then simply leave to dry!

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