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Because Gloss is the ultimate way to achieve a breathtaking gloss finish to your pride and joy with minimal effort.

Since it's launch in 2020 it's become a staple in our range and quickly become one of our best-selling products.

It's super easy to use, even in hot weather and gives a barrier of protection to your paintwork offering great water behaviour and beads!

Because Gloss can also be used to remove light amounts of dirt, eg - great for taking to car shows and using for a final 'spruce up' when arrived and parked up at the show. 

It's also a great product to use on top of existing wax or ceramic coatings to give that extra little boost.



Super easy to use!

  1. Simply spray a light amount directly onto the panel of the car you are working on.
  2. Spread across the panel with a clean microfibre.
  3. And then buff off with a clean dry microfibre.

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