Bundle Raffle

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WINNING TICKET: NUMBER 29 (Drawn on the 6th of May on our Facebook page)

After popular request we're happy to announce another raffle to give you the opportunity to win this bundle of Detail Freaks goodies...

Over £70's worth of product! 

£2.50 a ticket, once you place your order a number will randomly be allocated below. Only 50 tickets available!

Winner will be announced on our Facebook page after all tickets are sold. 

1 x 500ml F*** Off Iron, Iron Fallout Remover

1 x Medium Clay Bar 

1 x 500ml Limited Edition Whisky Shampoo

1 x 500ml Whisky Supreme Suds Shampoo

1 x 500ml Crystal Glass Cleaner

1 x 947ml New Improved Snowstorm Snow Foam 

1 x 100ml Limited Edition Banana Ceramic Wax



1 Ash Rana

2 Alex Taylor

3 Mat Meeks
4 Chris Houghton
Edis Durmisevic
6 Katie Reader
7 Stuart Winckworth
8 Phil Gibbons
9 Mark Walker
10 Gary Kenny
11 Adam Gill
12 Ryan Winnall
13 Stuart Elliott
14 Chris Houghton
15 Paul Cosway
16 Phil Gibbons
17 Wayne Jackson
18 Mat Meeks
19 Mollie Challice
20 Luke Brushneen
21 Ash Rana
22 Ryan Winnall
23 Jordan Bills
24 Simon Fenn
25 Rob Jones
26 Phil Gibbons
27 Alex Taylor
28 Wayne Jackson
29 Luke Brushneen
30 Mark Walker
31 Ryan Reynolds
32 Stuart Winckworth
33 Nathan Currie
34 Jordan Bills
35 Luke Brushneen
36 Mollie Challice
37 Garry Kenny
38 Thomas Prole
39 Stuart Winckworth
40 Luke Brushneen
41 Stuart Elliott
42 Marc Van weert
43 Thomas Prole
44 Ryan Winnall
45 Phil Gibbons
46 Paul Cosway
47 Alex Holder
48 Daniel Smith
49 Stuart Winckworth
50 Katie Reader

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