Jaffa Attack - Citrus Pre-Wash


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The holy grail of pre-washes! Specially developed to attack dirt and road grime on the exterior of your car. Helping to soften the dirt so you can jet wash it off to then be able to conduct a contact wash safely with no dirt on the paintwork.

Having come from a valeting background we've developed this to be highly concentrated giving you one of the best value pre-washes on the market.



1:1 for heavy soiling and degreasing

5:1 for medium soiling

10:1 for regular cleaning and light soiling



3 Ways to Apply! 

1) Apply via a simple spray bottle, see dilution ratios above.

2) Apply via a pump sprayer, again see dilution ratios above.

3) Apply via a snow foam lance, use 50/100ml of Jaffa Attack in your snow foam lance with the rest filled with water. Then connect to your pressure washer and spray over the whole car.

Then... once you've chosen your preferred application method:

  1. Spray onto the dirty areas on the exterior of your car.
  2. Leave to attack all that nasty dirt and road grime. In cool, dry conditions you can leave to attack for up to 5 minutes. In sunny conditions be careful to rinse before the product drys out.
  3. Use a pressure washer to rinse off.

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