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We started development of Project Hype in August 2020 and to be honest it's been hard, probably one of our most complicated products yet.

Since August 2020 we've had numerous versions tested by professionals and hobbyists in the industry to use in real world conditions and send feedback to us.

After nearly a year in development we're proud to say that we think we've 'cracked it' with this final formula. 

It combines polymers and hybrid wax to create a high performance spray sealant. The chemistry of wax and sealant in a single chemical entity, with characteristics that exceed what either can achieve even when blended. 

It is very easy to use, giving excellent gloss, shine and colour depth. Project Hype offers excellent water repellency which lasts for 4+ weeks or even longer if layered and maintained.

It is suitable for use on most surfaces including paint, wheels, metal and glass. 



1) Conduct your usual wash method on your vehicle, a full decontamination is recommended to achieve the best durability from Project Hype but it is not essential.

2) Spray Project Hype directly onto the panel, spread with a microfibre cloth and buff off with a different microfibre cloth.


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