T&G Gel - Tar and Glue Remover


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Completely new formula for 2024! 

Our new formulation for T&G Gel is an epic formulation that is very strong and will rival any market leader in the industry.

Solvent based making light work of removing tar spots and glue residue.


1) Ensure area is suitably clean and dry before application.

2) Spray T&G Gel directly onto the affected area of tar or glue.

3) Leave to work for 2-3 minutes, do not leave to dry.

4) Wipe gently with a microfibre cloth until the tar spot or glue disappears.

5) Rinse the area down with water.


TOP TIP: If you have a large spot of tar or a large spot of tree sap, soak a cotton pad in our T&G Gel and leave to sit on the area for 5 minutes. It will help to leave the product on the area and work to break it down for easy removal.


DO NOT USE on recently painted bodywork or partially cured paint.

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