Trick or Treat Mystery 5 Litres

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Trick or Treat?

Don't worry, not really any tricks here just treats! 

We've made up 100 Mystery Trick or Treat 5 Litre Kegs...

  • 25 of them are F*** Off Iron Fallout Remover
  • 25 of them are Because Gloss Quick Detailer
  • 25 of them are Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner
  • 25 of them are Complete Interior Cleaner

What will you get?

Just £25.00 so a whopping saving of between £15 and £20 depending on what you get in your keg!

Of course, we won't leave you to sniff and work out what you've got for yourself... we'll write a note on your packing slip so you know what is in your keg.

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