Win a Keg of our un-released Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner

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Who's ready for a little bank holiday raffle?

Just a small one for our brand new un-released wheel cleaner Neon Pink that is due to be released within the next couple of weeks.

The Detail Freak's Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate way to achieve perfect clean alloys. Neon Pink is a gel consistency that when sprayed is a neon pink colour so you can easily see the coverage of the product. Neon Pink will dissolve brake dust while also breaking down traffic film and soiling.

The gel consistency ensures maximum contact time and cleaning power.

Ready to use, no need to dilute.

Over £50's worth of product! 

1 x 5L of Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner

1 x Large Wheel Brush

1 x 947ml Bottle and trigger spray for decanting your product into.

£2.00 a ticket, once you place your order a number will randomly be allocated below. Only 50 tickets available!

Winner will be announced on our Facebook page after all tickets are sold.  


Scott Cook
Aaron Jefferson
Matthew Brown
Phil Gibbons
Aaron Jefferson
6 Steve Andrew
7 Chris Howard
Chris Forde
9 Garry Kenny
10 Aaron Jefferson
11 Peter Mackay
12 Brian Kirk
13 Mark MacDonald
14 Richard Latham
15 Mark Wilford
16 Aaron Jefferson
17 Scott Cook
18 Steve Andrew
19 Phil Gibbons
20 Aaron Jefferson
21 Matthew Brown
22 Aaron Jefferson
23 Matthew Brown
24 Aaron Jefferson
25 Scott Cook
26 Alexander Calder
27 Richard Latham
28 Aaron Jefferson
29 Phil Gibbons
30 Craig Beaumont
31 Jon Maw
32 Aaron Jefferson
33 Mark Wilford
34 Robert Inness
35 Steve Blanchard
36 Garry Kenny
37 Richard Latham
38 Phil Gibbons
39 Aaron Jefferson
40 Alexander Calder
41 Joanne Whitehouse
42 Mark MacDonald
43 Scott Cook
44 Craig Beaumont
45 Paul Cosway
46 Aaron Jefferson
47 Scott Cook
48 Jamie Long
49 Aaron Jefferson
50 Chris Forde

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